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Weapon Damage and Time to Kill Chart | Forums

Post by B_3_4_R on Tue Jan 05, 2016 4:19 pm

SO this is STILL a work in progress

Data from http://rainbowsixsiege.gamepedia.com/

Damage calculations based on observations.


Q and A from previous posting:

1) How is your observation of shotgun shots to the chest producing so little damage? It's a fairly comfortable one shot chest kill with all shotguns, only modified by range, and what I assume to be pellet spread. Can you tell us how you tested the shotguns?

2) Some of the gun you have listed with silencer modifiers are not able to equip silencers. For example the GSH-18, and all shotguns except for the SASG12, was that just a formula copy & paste issue?

3) Your sheet points out the nonsilenced Glaz will 1 shot kill med armor chest vs silenced which will take 2 shots to kill. At what range was this done? I don't tend to see the silencer on glaz adding shots to kill unless i'm shooting at very long ranges.

Thanks for your work, please provide some clarifications.

1) Damage observations were done with a few weapons and calculated assuming that all guns behave the same. Also, distance drop-off is not considered in this document.
Shotguns damage calculations might defer from other weapons, also the shotgun damage numbers were taken as shown, if someone can tell me how many pellets are fired, i can easily tweak the damage.

2) I didn't go through all the guns to see which can be silenced or not, maybe someone can save me the trouble and tell me.

3) As mentioned in #1, distance drop-off is not considered. My guess is at med range the damage drops to ~80+ and 70+ for silenced, hence it requires 2 hits to kill regardless. Perhaps you should disregard sniper rifles and shotguns in this document, as they may not be represented accurately.

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